About the Founder

Tom Kramer is the founder and principal owner of Sirius Engineering LLC.  He has been a product development professional in the medical device industry for over two decades.  He has developed products for use in pulmonary, cardiovascular, laparoscopic, bariatric and OB-GYN surgery.  He is named inventor on several US patents and has additional patents pending.

Tom has over ten years of executive management experience in the medical device industry.  He served as Vice President of Clinical Affairs for Hansen Medical, leaving the company after two years to start Sirius Engineering LLC in 2008.  Prior to joining Hansen Medical, he served as Director of Clinical Engineering and Director of Research and Development for Broncus Technologies.  Prior to that, he served as Director of Quality Assurance and Director of R&D for Guidant Corporation.  As a project engineer and manager, Tom developed several medical devices for Guidant Corporation, Conceptus, Origin Medsystems, Abbott Laboratories and IVAC Corporation.  His product development and clinical experience took him to several countries in Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Tom holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, and a M.S. in mechanical engineering from San Diego State University.

Tom's Patents

9,326,790:  Catheter with vessel lining and methods for using same
8,002,740:  Devices for maintaining patency of surgically created channels in tissue
7,497,865; 6,811,555:  Method and apparatus for performing anastomosis with  eversion of tissue edges
 6,884,248; 6,562,051; 5,582,616:  Surgical helical fastener with applicator
 6,196,966; 5,873,815:  Access catheter and method for maintaining separation between between a falloposcope and a tubal wall
 6,123,689; 6,159,182; 5,820,606:  Reusable cannula with disposable seal
 5,964,772:  Applicator for attaching fasteners to tissue
 5,935,098:  Apparatus and method for accessing and manipulating the uterus
 5,824,008:  System for applying fasteners to tissue
 5,810,882:  Surgical helical fastener with applicator and method of use
 5,505,689:  Properitoneal mechanical retraction apparatus
 5,326,236:  Compliant rotor for an improved cartridge for drug infusion pump
 5,281,111:  Cartridge for drug infusion pump